A fresh array of thoughts at the intersection of my to do list and society

About The HodgePodge…

Hi, and welcome to The HodgePodge, a fresh array of topics at the intersection of my life and career and the rest of the world. I work in public relations, though I won’t focus on the industry here.  I figure there are plenty of experts out there so why add to the clutter, right?  I won’t force any political views down your throat, nor will I tell you how perfect women are and how men are not. But I will give you my point of view about things and hope you will share yours.

I grew up in Florida, lived in Atlanta after college and now call Colorado home. I’m a huge college football fan as it’s a prerequisite being from the South. But I don’t consider myself a true Southerner because I can’t make grits from scratch. I love to laugh as well as enjoy a good cry because both emotions are essential in life. My husband tries his best to keep my “discretionary” spending in line while my daughter teaches me something new every day.


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