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Dear Oprah,

Thanks to you, I have found a new TV addiction. It’s not ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, A&E’s Hoarders or even TLC’s Extreme Couponing. Instead, it’s OWN’s Oprah’s Lifeclass. Maybe this show touches me because I’m in a place in my life where I’m looking to fill my time with inspiration instead of watching things that turn my brain off. Maybe it’s because I’ve missed you since “The Oprah Winfrey Show” ended. After all, I’m a Gen Xer whose daily afternoon routine growing up included the long-running talk show. Whatever the reason, I’m hooked.

While other shows on OWN feature our favorite media maven like “Master Class,” they don’t capture the essence of you, our teacher, leader and friend the way “Lifeclass” does. For instance, in “Newton’s Third Law,” you gave us an opportunity to understand how the energy we give out to the world comes back to us, both positively and negatively. In another episode, “You’ve Always Had the Power,” we learned that Glenda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” had it right all along – we’ve always had the power, we just have to figure it out for ourselves. And, I could go on and on…

Each lesson from the show reminds me of life’s most important lesson – I can live my best life. This has never resonated with me more than it has over the past year as I went through several jobs, suffered two miscarriages and missed out on many family moments. It wasn’t until after the second miscarriage – that “roadblock” I mentioned in an earlier post – that this life lesson really hit like a ton of bricks. With the love and support from friends and family, I’ve been able to see life differently. I’m on a good path, but still have more work to do. “Lifeclass” is my regular dose of ways to stay on this path. Judging by the show’s ratings, webcasts views and Facebook likes, it’s clear I’m not the only one who looks forward to our dose.

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” was your child, the place where you grew up, learned a gazillion lessons and shared your mistakes with us, “Lifeclass” is the place where you take what you’ve learned and wrap it up into one hour of wisdom and love, like a grandparent sharing advice with a grandchild over ice cream on a hot summer’s day. No one can remind us that love is available to us if we let it more than you.

We all know you wanted to slow down when you decided to end your daily talk show, and, who could blame you? You were ready for change and more personal time. But, as you know, we are living in unprecedented times. If there’s one thing we need right now it’s a calm, loving voice to remind us that everything will be OK.

So once again, you’ve given us more than we’ve given you. Thank you for seeing the need to share more. Thank you for helping us love in a whole new way. Thank you for giving us the chance to learn how to live our best lives.




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