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A Year Later…

Last weekend, we drove through a local park on our way back from the outlet mall and ran into a herd of bison. There must have been 30 or 40 of them, and all shapes, sizes and ages. We saw little ones drinking milk from their mothers, tweens trying to show off in front of us spectators and massive males playing protector while trying not to laugh at the tweens rolling around and making a fool of themselves for attention. At one point, one of the large males looked at us with authority and snorted. Immediately, our daughter turned to him and said, “Bless You!”

My husband and I looked at each other and began to laugh uncontrollably. Other spectators joined in the laugh as well. I think we were awe-struck by her immediate reaction to the large creature as if this current adventure was an everyday occurrence. But I also think it warmed our hearts a bit knowing that she was so appreciative of the world around her. She may not realize what all her parents had to do to move out West last year to give her a better life – leaving friends and family behind, making dramatic career changes, suffering financial losses, etc. – but, one day when we show her this photo and tell her the story, I’m sure she will. 

But, here’s a question…do my husband and I realize what all we’ve done to move out here? Do we appreciate the fact that we left the comfort of our very first home with friends nearby and family only driving or a short flight distance away to start a new life? Do we recognize that our move deeply affected them as well? Or what about how hard it was to walk into my boss’ office to tell her I was quitting after more than six years of loyal service and how she had to quickly find my replacement without disruption? And, let’s not mention the heartbreak of selling the home we loved so much.

My answer? Probably not, at least not yet anyway. But, it’s only been a year and much has happened since we moved. Perhaps now that we’re finally settled in our new home and feel at peace knowing we’ll be here for a long time we can start appreciating all it took to get us here. Maybe now we can start taking more time to thank all of those who supported us in our move and forgive those who didn’t. And, maybe it’s time to forgive ourselves for wanting to make such a bold move to better ourselves at the unexpected expense of others. Hopefully, we can now appreciate more “Bless You!” moments than ever before. 

So, I ask you…have you made a dramatic move recently to better your life? And what was your “aha!” moment that made you reflect on what it took to make the change?